Mexico Needs our Help

Friends, the red cross from mexico has a paypal account. Mexico needs our help, please donate as little or as much as you can. If I was in that situation I would be desperate for help. Thank you.
Amigos y fam, la cruz roja tinee una cuenta de paypal. Si no puedes ayudar con viveres aporta a la cruz roja que tanto lo necesita, para ayudar a los heridos. Thank you.

Don’t Believe in People Who Say It is Impossible

How many times have you heard from people that your idea or dream is impossible, that it will never be realized. The sad thing is that most people do believe what others say, some forever and some do wake up and realize that they do have the potential to achieve their goals. People in general told this 20 year old that she would never make it past being a pub performer. This girl came back with a punch. She wrote a lovely letter, poured her heart on the song and had a great performance in front of four big name strangers.

Self Assurance, Passion and Drive = Success

NEVER EVER let people bring you down on your idea or dream. Just because people think it will be impossible, it does not mean that you will never make it. Most likely those people are not where they want to be either and some times they don’t want to succeed more then others.

Self Assurance

This is key to your success. Believe in yourself. You know you have the talent and skills. Although there is always room for improvement and you need to continuously  work on your skills.


Be passionate about it, it is most likely that is something you love doing. Follow your heart. I am quit confident you have accomplished other projects and you put all your passion to accomplish it.

Drive & Determination

You will need drive and determination. You will face several obstacles, failures, disappointments, but if you want it bad enough you need to cope with those and learn from those experiences and failures. It does not matter how hard you get hit, it is how hard you can get hit and keep pushing forward.

Written by: Ricardo Gutierrez Ochoa – Senior Network Security Engineer / Sr. Network Engineer / Sr. Solutions Network Architect

Disclaimer: The information posted here is informational only. Ricardo Gutierrez Ochoa won’t be held liable for any mishaps, failures or any other negative outcome. It is the reader’s responsibility to make their own decisions and act on them.