Success: The Best Approach to Set Goals

Setting goals can be a big undertaking if you don’t know what you want, if yo don’t have the right mind set. It is very important to have big dreams, but dreams will NOT help you achieve what you want. You have to set clear goals and have a plan of action. You need to set short term goals (for the day, for the week, for the month) , long range goals. Eg. 1 Year Goals, 5 Year Goals, 10 Year Goals. One of the biggest mistakes made by people is that the grand majority of people work hard on their job, but hey work very little on themselves. This will never allow you to grow, to get what you want, you need to learn new skills, become more valuable to the market. If you work harder on yourself than on your job, you will acquire great wealth and knowledge.

Once you achieve a major goal, it is very important to celebrate, however if you miss a goal it is very important to feel the pain of not accomplishing it, make it painful, be accountable and take ownership. That will allow you to stride and learn from that failure.

The main 3 Categories that Jim Rohn used were:

  1. Economics: Income, business, profits, production. It plays a major role in everyone-s life. that is the reason it needs to be meticulously planned.
  2. Things: Make a list of the things you want.
  3. Personal Development: Be stronger, more decisive, be a leader, learn a language, all kinds of skills.

There is a simple formula to achieve your goals:

  1. Work on your goals: Yo have to work on a daily basis to achieve these. It does not matter how little the task is, it will get you closer to achieving your goal. Work hard on yourself.
  2. Write your goals down: It has been proven that if your write down your goals you will be most likely yo achieve them. If you write them down it is way to review them and study yourself at a later time. Once you write your goals down it shows you are serious about doing better.
  3. Check the size and the kinds of goals: How big they are and what kind they are affects you. It affects your attitude, the way you dress, your personality, the way you talk, etc.

Written by: Ricardo Gutierrez Ochoa – Senior Network Security Engineer / Sr. Network Engineer / Sr. Solutions Network Architect
Disclaimer: The information posted here is informational only. Ricardo Gutierrez Ochoa won’t be held liable for any mishaps, failures or any other negative outcome. It is the reader’s responsibility to make their own decisions and act on them.

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