Arnold Schwarzenegger three part success formula

Success is hard to achieve it takes a special individual and the right mind set to achieve success. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s three part success plan is comprised of :

  1. Hard work (Disciplined)
  2. Self Confidence
  3. Positive Attitude

Hard work: You need to work hard, but work hard on yourself (learn a new skill, read), work hard on the task list to achieve your goals. To accomplish great things it takes Discipline, time and patience. Have daily habits that will get you closer to achieving your goals. Success takes time, For Arnold it took more than 25 years of his life to be where he wanted to be. Don’t quit on your goals, be patient and persistent. You will achieve what you want in due time. Don’t give up in your dreams and goals.

Self Confidence: You need to believe in yourself. You have to have the Energy, the will. Trust yourself, commit to your goals.

Positive Attitude: Believe that you will achieve what you want, visualize. You will face problems, failures. You have to embrace these, learn from the problems and resolve them. Us humans learn more from the our failures than our successes.  Don’t wish for less problems, wish you were better.

Failure + Persistence = Success

Written by: Ricardo Gutierrez Ochoa – Senior Network Security Engineer / Sr. Network Engineer / Sr. Solutions Network Architect
Disclaimer: The information posted here is informational only. Ricardo Gutierrez Ochoa won’t be held liable for any mishaps, failures or any other negative outcome. It is the reader’s responsibility to make their own decisions and act on them.

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